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Levcon Jaykay Machinery (P) Ltd. was conceived In 1996, to capitalize the lack of credible doctor blade supplier in India. The predictable growth of Indian paper industry deserved appropriate ancillaries and consumable suppliers close to the paper making action. In the efforts to bring close to Indian shore International quality blades , Levcon jaykay forged a Licensee agreement with Bonetti SpA, Italy. The objectives were clear , Bring close to the industry Quality blades , Services and Support keeping in mind the price sensitive market. Apart from the fact , the blades could be delivered in a days time.

Levcon Jaykay in tandem with Bonetti pledges same international level of quality and services at domestic prices with faster delivery schedules. As a licensee of Bonetti S.p.A, Italy we have full access to all the required technical know-how & thrive to pass on the same to the Indian paper mills. We have been manufacturing Doctor Blades using Rivets & fully machined Doctor materials imported from Bonetti S.p.A, Italy, adhering to the same stringent quality consistent & tested packaging systems as followed in any of the Bonetti factories.

Being the first organized Indian company , manufacturing Doctor Blades in India, we keep in mind the needs of our customers & in case of emergencies, we ensure that we satisfy our customer’s needs within 24 hours not only with delivery but services as well.

We Guarantee
Optimal doctor blade flatness and straightness.
Superior transport protection.
Edge bevel uniformity and Doctor Blade parallelism.
Short and urgent deliveries.
A bevel finish free of burrs, nicks and surface defects.
After Sales technical assistance.
Quality materials -- consistent and predictable physical properties.

Doctor blade material selection and Doctor Blade thickness are primarily determined by the roll material and roll hardness.

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LCI - 100% Carbon Fiber
LB1 - 2 Layers of Carbon Fiber
LB7 - Epoxy with Fiber Glass
LCR - 2 Layers Carbon Fiber with abrassive quality
LDR - 4 Layers of Carbon Fiber & abrassive material
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Doctoring Audit
Blade Analysis
Supervision of Installation & Maintenance
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