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JAYKAYhas been assisting the Indian paper industry for the last 40 years to 'know the unknown' and striving to help Indian Paper mills gear up and adopt technology driven productions. Our constant endeavor has been towards establishing and bringing to the doorsteps of Indian Paper Mills, new and latest technology which has a direct influence on paper quality and machine run ability.

Since 1975 JAYKAY has been relentless introducing and establishing not only unknown concepts but also brands in the market :-

  • Introduced to Andhra Pradesh Paper the concept of Vecoplan Drum Chipping for 100% Bamboo. Since then Vecoplan has bagged most of the contracts for Drum chippers in India at JK Paper, West Coast paper, BILT,Hindustan paper, etc
  • Utlilisation of Stowe Woodward formerly Wittler, steel covered Spreader Roll was introduced in India for dry end application for the first time to ITC.
  • As the focus shifted to waste paper and agricultural raw material, the first slotted screen basket was introduced and supplied by FINCKH to Tamil Nadu and Mysore papers. FINCKH remained the largest supplier of baskets in India till it was taken over by Voith.
  • Corbellini S.P.A, Wefapress Werkstoffe supplied the first uhle box in ceramic to Voith Papers for Hindustan Newsprint rebuild.
  • The first big order of Bonetti for Doctor Holders for a complete machine, was executed on behalf of Rama Newsprint and Papers Ltd. At the same time the concept of Twin Flexible Doctoring system at Centre Roll was introduced to Shreyans Industried Ltd. Today most of the mills in India have a Bonetti twin flexible doctoring system "Bontwin" , numbering more than 60 systems in India in a short span.
  • For the first time in India, Stainless steel shell from MWN was installed at Couch and Former in order to eliminate galvanic corrosion in anionic environment at ITC.
  • Walzen Irle supplied the first peripheral drilled heated calander roll in India to Voith Paper India for Khanna Paper and Murali Agro Paper Mill. Since 2001, 80% of new Indian machines have an Irle roll.
  • For the first time in India, Century Pulp and Paper invested in a 100TPD Taster Pith Dewatering unit , from Neyrtec which enables them to use the dried pith as a fuel for the boiler. Since then most of the Indian DIP based mills use Taster as a tool to dewater DIP sludge to 55% and more, with nearly 40 references.
  • The first non contact IR Erhardt +Leimer guide in India was sold to Hindustan Paper Corporation. Erhardt +Leimer remains the largest source in India, supplying to 90% of the projects since 1999. The first Auto wire stretcher in Satia Paper Mill had a payback within 3 months.
  • Projet HP water jet cry end Tail Cutter was supplied to Khanna Paper and Ballarpur Ind, the very first time, in India. The first HP Fabric Cleaning System in India ,for Press Section was also sold to Khanna.
  • The first Swimming Roll manufactured by GapCon was sold to Abhishek Industries.
  • GapCon completes successfully its first soft calander rebuild of a décor paper machine ITC ltd and achieved a smoothness level which is the lowest in the country. GapCon establishes its footprint in the Indian market, in a matter of 5 years as a leading technological partner and OEM, with numerous rebuilds including one at Naini paper reaching 700mpm for a ground floor machine with ZERO BREAKS in the press…apart from the fact 8 complete press sections including shoe press and film press are running in India, taking the industry to the next level.
  • Contrary to the popular belief VIB establishes for the first time in India, that a simple innovative equipment SteamTech and AirTech in the press and drier can enable you to increase the MD moisture by more than 2 % and dryness after press by 1.5%, apart from CD, 2 sigma moisture improvement by 70% in Khanna Paper mills ltd.
  • Adpap, size kitchen and MA Industries, Turn up system was introduced in the market recently with huge inroads in quick time with nearly 20% of the market reach achieved within a year.
  • Bellmer, rebuilds Sripathi paper, arguably identified as the fastest Ground floor Coated Board Machine
Our mission since the three decades has been to add value to Indian Paper manufacturing and support our Overseas partners at the highest level of experience and technical knowledge. We want our efforts to penetrate right down to the smallest Indian Paper Mills.

Our focus and core competences are to achieve the followings , with utilisation of concepts and know-how, of our various overseas partners : -
  • Reduce Sheet Breaks,
  • Improve, Control Sheet Moisture and Calliper Profile,
  • Increase Machine Production,
  • Improve White Water Circulation and Fibre Recovery,
  • Improve Sheet Properties,
  • Eliminate stock impurities from sheet,
  • Reduce Energy, Steam and Water Consumption,
  • Reduce Cost per Ton of Paper and Increase Machine Efficiency,
  • Improve Coating Characteristics,
  • Improve Reel Build up,
  • Improve life of all Critical Consumables.
JAYKAYand our Overseas partners are ready to hone in and meet the challenges as augured by the ever increasing demands of quality and productivity of The Indian Paper Industry.

Our focus is firm and has been towards the paper machine and corresponding effort in improving the quality of the paper remains unaltered.